To unlearn.

I know. The word “unlearn” technically doesn’t exist. Shame, right? I think it’s a shame, but that does say a lot. Think about it. Why doesn’t it exist? You might say the word does not exist because “there is no such thing”, but there is. Or there should be. Or do you think absolutely everything […]

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To promote happiness.

Happiness doesn’t sell. We have that well established, right? But are we sure there’s no way to Let us think for a moment. Worldwide media focus on tragedy. It is what shocks people the most, therefore what catches their attention, but with that arises a sense of dispair. It’s all people see, therefore all they […]

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To question and to filter.

We rise. We always do. Humans fear pain without knowing how resilient our race is, without realizing pain is just a warning, without developing personal ways to cope with it instead of pretending it does not exist. And if you really pay close attention, pain is usually dealt with by pretending it is not there. […]

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